Ryan Anastasi
3rd Period
Horticulture I

Ageratum mexicanum

(Floss Flower)

ageratummexicanum_0.jpgexternal image ageratum%20mexicanum.jpg

  • This is a cool season fluffy annual plant that is grown as a bedding.

  • The leaves are ovate and are 2-7 cm.

  • Flowers are usually blue but can be pink, white or purple.

  • The plant grows 6-10" tall and wide.

  • They bloom from spring till frost in the fall.

  • Native to Central American and adjacent parts of mexico.

external image ageratumboulebleue.jpgexternal image B539387-Ageratum_mexicanum_flowers-SPL.jpg?id=665390387external image Ageratum_houstonianum.jpg